Cancellation policy


You can only cancel your order when the order is still in processing status. Only cancellation request made by the means of submitting a ticket will be acknowledged. If the cancelation is due to Client reason, all the cost and fee related to transactions and handling process, will be bear by the client, the cancelation fee can be up to 5%.

Duplicated order

In any event that you find yourself having placed duplicated orders by mistake or due to system/network malfunction, please inform us before the order(s) is/are dispatched and we would cancel the duplicated order for you as per your request. Submitting a ticket 

Fraudulent Order

We have procedures in place to detect any sign of  testing or fraudulent orders. All alleged fraudulent orders will be subject to immediate cancellation whereas the respective user/visitor will be banned from our website unconditionally.

Security Check

As part of our effort to protect the interests of both buyer and seller, we may require you to provide further information or documentation to confirm the genuinely of your order. In any event that the aforementioned procedure is not completed within 5 working days after you placed the order, your order will be automatically cancelled.


iTradeCenter.Store Team